The 1401, steam locomotive, National Museum of American History

Sustaining Fellows

A Tradition of Loyalty

Honoring Your Demonstration of Commitment

A Sustaining Fellow Membership honors your ongoing cumulative giving to the Friends of the Smithsonian and your demonstrated commitment to supporting the Smithsonian’s groundbreaking work in art scholarship, environmental research, scientific discovery, and historical preservation. In gratitude for your extraordinary philanthropy as a Sustaining Fellow, you receive an exclusive set of enhanced benefits, including personalized service, invitations to private events, and prominent recognition.

The Smithsonian is deeply grateful to Sustaining Fellows for their unwavering confidence in the Smithsonian. Their steadfast support over time has inspired them to give more than $57 million, collectively—some giving consistently for more than four decades. Sustaining Fellows continued participation helps assure the future of the Institution and continues a nearly two century-long tradition of individual philanthropy. We are honored to count you among these special friends.

James Smithson Society Members become Sustaining Fellows when your cumulative unrestricted giving reaches $25,000.

2011 Sustaining Fellows reception, SAAM Great Hall of Wonders

To honor your exemplary history of philanthropy with the Friends of the Smithsonian, you will receive the following benefits as a Sustaining Fellow:

  • An invitation for two to the elegant Sustaining Fellows event held annually
  • A beautifully etched commemorative glass paperweight especially commissioned for Sustaining Fellows
  • Direct access to the Director of Friends of the Smithsonian and concierge-level service from the Friends of the Smithsonian staff for assistance and information regarding visits to the Smithsonian
  • Recognition in the Honor Roll located in the Member Lounge on the National Mall
  • Sustaining Fellows with cumulative giving of $25,000 or more are prominently recognized on a permanent plaque in the Friends of the Smithsonian Member Lounge and in the engagement calendar
  • A Sustaining Fellow membership card, recognizing your status at this committed level of giving
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Member Profile

George and Bonnie Bogumill
Arlington, VA

“The Smithsonian houses important historical materials, artifacts, art and scientific research under one institutional umbrella so that it will all be here for generations to come. We are glad to be in a position to help preserve it – for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”