Dinosaur Hall, National Museum of Natural History

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Ardent life-long learners, members of the James Smithson Society share a natural curiosity about the world and a thirst for discovery that leads them to the Smithsonian’s fascinating shows and special programs in Washington, DC and to its traveling exhibitions and affiliate events across the US.

For three decades, Smithson Society members have helped make the Smithsonian that you know today, the keeper of the nation’s historic, scientific, and cultural heritage:

  • The largest museum and research facility in the world
  • An inspiration to America’s schoolchildren, opening their eyes to new discoveries
  • A guardian of the environment through important scientific research, and much, much more!

Explore the complete set of benefits, at unique levels of membership named in honor of exemplary leaders in the Smithsonian’s history: S. Dillon Ripley, Samuel Pierpont Langley, Joseph Henry, and John Quincy Adams. Learn more about each of these distinguished figures.

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