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Matching Gifts

Increase the impact of your gift through your company’s matching gifts program.

Whether you are currently employed or retired, do not miss the opportunity to make even more of an impact on the Smithsonian with your generous gift. Does your company match your charitable contributions?

Many companies offer programs that match, or sometimes even exceed, donations made by their employees or retirees. By participating in a corporate matching gifts program, employers can support the mission of the Smithsonian and encourage employee philanthropy. You can expand your individual support and your employer can benefit through unrestricted tax-deductible contributions.

To apply for matching funds, obtain the appropriate forms from your employer’s matching gifts coordinator or go online to your company’s matching gifts web site. The appropriate contact person or information is usually available through your personnel, benefits, or community relations department. Your company may also match gifts made by retirees or spouses. By participating in matching gift programs, thousands of James Smithson Society members have more than doubled their support.

If you are not sure whether your employer participates in the matching gift program, you can search below.

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When an employee of your company pledges his or her commitment to the Smithsonian through the James Smithson Society Membership program, your matching gift demonstrates your company’s dedication to supporting the exemplary generosity of your employees. Your support helps enable the Institution to deliver quality exhibitions, programs, and activities to communities across the nation.

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Theron and Nancy Patrick
Springfield, VA

"We have been members of the Smithsonian for 20 years; and being members of the James Smithson Society engages us in unique opportunities. Each encounter is meticulously choreographed for optimum enjoyment. Entering a museum at night, talking to a museum director, walking on the new elephant trail, or going behind 'Staff Only' doors fills us with childlike awe in each new experience. Whatever new experience is presented to us we know it will be incomparable and our expectations will be exceeded."